Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Day

My daughter is a music addicted toddler. She sings, dances, and just moves to the groove whenever she hears a tune. But, it's not what you might expect of a toddler. There is no tinny music in the background droning on about little stars or itsy spiders, no she gets her groove on to Santana. As soon as she hears that guitar go she is bopping all over the house. I love Santana as well only she discovered it all on her own. It makes a mommy proud.

Currently we are listening to Guitar Heaven. I have to say I loved the originals more, but then they were the originals and massively popular for a reason. However, that being said, I love this album. I may not dig some of the vocals but damn that guitar gets me every time. And really that's what it's all about anyway. :)

The new Santana and then my pick if you've never heard them before

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