Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Day

Both mom and John are off to work today. So just me and the kids. Loving every minute of it, it's been too long that we 3 get a day like this. Started early with pancakes that were slightly delayed since we had to run to the store for syrup. I offered honey which Hailey was gung-ho to try, but Oscar snubbed. So we all ran around getting dressed and dashed to the store.

We've been jamming since then. Hailey currently is obssesed with Santana and dances around the room like only a three year old can. Oscar thinks dancing is a contact sport, but that's good for a giggle or two also. Now it's mommy's turn and I'm still getting my Muse on. Can't help it, just love this band currently.

Check em out:

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