Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Side Jobs by Jim Butcher

This is going to be my very first review! I'm excited as I type this as I have been reading books since I could read. Reading is probably my most beloved hobby. In any case this is the first of 20 eBooks I will be reviewing for the 2011 eBook Challenge I signed up for at The Ladybug Reads.

A note about my reviews before I even write my first one is I am not quite aware of spoilers nor have spoilers ever 'spoiled' my enjoyment of reading a story or watching a movie. So, I may mistakenly give something away unintentionally. My apologies in advance. Though truthfully I probably will not be sharing a lot of content from the books I read as to me that is more of a book report as opposed to a review.

Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files
Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

I really enjoyed this compilation of short stories taking place in the world Mr. Butcher has created. If you have NOT read up to Changes and you do not enjoy spoilers do not read this book. I have only read up to Grave Peril which is Book #3 in the series and you will learn things further along in the series by reading Side Jobs.

I read the Dresden books because I enjoy the world and the main character, Harry Dresden, is just awesomeness in a duster. Another reason I enjoy the series is Harry and the characters surrounding him are not invincible super hero types that grow and grow in power until you wonder what the hell has happened. They have emotions and limitations and yes even set-backs from time to time. Things can and do go wrong at times and that makes the stories more real to me as a reader.

Side Jobs did not disappoint me. I loved reading the stories from other characters perspectives or simply where some of the other characters were more involved. Harry wasn't necessarily the main focus in some of the shorts and that was refreshing. If nothing else read Side Jobs just for the last short story in the book. The perspective is from Karrin Murphy and it is amazing simply because she is not a magic wielding bad ass like Harry, yet she is a power unto herself.

I will say reading this has made me want to find the anthologies the various stories were published in and pick those up as well. Overall, I'd recommend reading this if you are already a Dresden fan. If you are not then what's stopping you? Pick up Storm Front (Book #1) and get cracking!

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